Auxergen Making Significant Strides in Protecting the World’s Olive Groves

Baltimore, Maryland – September 29, 2023

At Auxergen, we are thrilled to share a promising update on our XylePhage project, a revolutionary endeavor aiming to safeguard a 95% of the world’s olive oil production currently threatened by the perilous Olive Quick Decline Syndrome (OQDS).

Rapid Recovery and Resilience: The Efficacy of XylePhage in Combating OQDS Evident in Latest Lab Tests

Our diligent in-vivo laboratory tests have brought to light some encouraging results. A mere two weeks post-inoculation and treatment with our innovative XylePhage solution, the infected olive trees exhibited complete protection against the notorious bacterium, Xylella fastidiosa, which is the culprit behind OQDS. Remarkably, these treated trees have now fully recuperated, bearing no differences when compared to the control group, thereby signifying a victorious stride in our ongoing battle against this agricultural menace.

In contrast, untreated trees succumbed to the infection, underscoring the potent protective capabilities of XylePhage.

As we venture further, we stand hopeful and resolute in our mission to preserve the vitality of the world’s olive groves.

Stay tuned for more updates on this groundbreaking project.

Media Contact:
Michael Feehley

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